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Formed in 2003 to acquire and liquidate portfolios of charged-off consumer debt, The Law Offices of Brian S. Glass, P.C., has created an atmosphere of excellence to provide exceptional legal collection services on a consistent basis.

Our firm strives to combine skilled attorneys, paralegals, collectors and skip tracers with state of the art collection software, training and technology to provide value-added legal collection services to the debt purchasing community. The Firm limits its practice to the representation of creditors inthe collection of delinquent receivables and focuses on late-stage collection enforcement through the utilization of its Strategic Litigation™ model, which is designed to seek out repayment in a consistent, fair and ethical manner.

The firms’ client base includes publicly traded and privately held businesses, comprised of banks, financial institutions as well as numerous debt purchasers. The Firm is a member of many national attorney and debt purchasing trade groups.

Unlike a collection agency, which relies on the powers of persuasion to motivate an account holder to make a payment, the Firm is able to actively pursue legal action if collection efforts are not fruitful. The Firm has developed the aggressive, Strategic Litigation™ model and is able to leverage this process to maximize the value of delinquent accounts and purchased pools of debt, long after traditional collection methods have been exhausted.

Through the use of its Strategic Litigation™ process as well as powerful post-judgment remedies available in Illinois including wage garnishments, property liens and bank account attachments, the Firm has achieved collection-to-investment multiples for its clientele in excess of 5:1.