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Brian Glass began his career in the Accounts Receivable and Management (ARM) industry in 1990, as a front-line collector and subsequently a loan officer. Mr. Glass became a licensed attorney in 2000 and has more than 19 years of experience in the consumer finance, credit and collections industry. Mr. Glass limits his practice to creditor’s rights, collection litigation, post-judgment enforcement, as well as debt purchasing and sales.

Mr. Glass began purchasing debt in 2003 through special purpose entities. Prior to forming The Law Offices of Brian S. Glass, P.C., in 2003; Mr. Glass was associated with The Chaet Kaplan Firm. Since 2003, Mr. Glass has purchased over one-hundred charged-off consumer credit portfolios and has effectuated collection through his law firm. He is the founder and Chairman of Streamline Capital Partners, LLC., a collection platform specializing in litigation, Liquidation through Litigation™; and is the founder and Managing Member of Alchemy, LLC., a distressed debt purchaser formed in 2005 specializing in purchasing charged-off credit card debt. Mr. Glass is also the Managing Member of Catalyst Interventions, LLC., an Illinois consumer debt purchasing company, with a litigation strategy.

Mr. Glass is a member if the American Collectors Association / Asset Buyers Division (ACA/ABD), the Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA) and an active member and committee member of the Illinois Creditors Bar Association (ILCBA). He has also been an invited panelist and speaker before the Illinois Creditors Bar regarding debt purchasing and the litigation of charged-off receivables.

A Chicago native, Mr. Glass is a graduate of the Chicago Kent College of Law and completed his undergraduate training in political science at the University of Hartford in Connecticut. Mr. Glass has also attended ACA International’s Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Seminar.