PO BOX 59440
Chicago, IL 60659
Phone: 866.993.0995
Fax: 773.293.4042


I owe the debt and want to pay today. What forms of payment do you accept?
- We accept personal checks, cashier's checks, money orders, bank checks, Visa and MasterCard.

How should my check/money order be made payable?
- Your check/money order should be made payable to: Brian S. Glass

Where should I send my payment?
- You should mail your payments to: 
PO BOX 59440 Chicago, IL 60659

*Make sure you write your file number on your payment so we can properly credit your account.

Do you accept payment over the phone?
- Yes. Please call us between the hours of 8:30 and 5:00 pm. Monday through Friday. Our number is 866.993.0995

Do you accept check payments online?

- Yes, we do.

I owe the debt, but I can not pay it all right now. What are my options?
- This office understands that immediate payment in full is not always an option. If you wish to propose a payment plan or make a lump sum settlement offer, click the Payment Plan Application link and follow the instructions.

I do not owe the debt. What should I do?
- If you do not owe the debt please call us right away at 866.993.0995 so that we can clear things up as quickly and conveniently as possible. If you have legal questions you should consult an attorney. Please refer to the important notice at the bottom of our first letter to you.

I've been sued, now what?
- If you have received (usually delivered by hand) a document titled " Summons", a lawsuit has been filed against you. Attached to the Summons is another document called a "Complaint". Please read these documents completely and carefully.